Research at source regions, group exhibition, interdisciplinary events


The SHARING WATER project initiated by Regina Hügli consisted of a publication of research expeditions to four waterhead regions in Europe, an international cycle of exhibitions and a series of interdisciplinary dialogue workshops in Vienna.

The research was implemented by Mathias Plüss (journalist) and Regina Hügli at four source regions in Czech Republic, Switzerland and France. They focused on political, ecological and cultural topics connected to water and water treatment and the conflicts arising from the collision of interests. Their investigation was published in DAS WASSERBUCH October 2022 at Echtzeit, Basel. 

The traveling group exhibition curated by Regina Hügli was shown at local exhibition spaces the same regions from 2021-2023 and presented artistic contributions on the Continental watershed and European watercourses. Artists: Stefan Fraunberger, Anne Glassner, Klara Hobza, Regina Hügli, Barbara Anna Husar, Leonhard Muench, Elisabeth Schmirl and Nives Widauer.

The interdisciplinary events in Vienna were dealing with the question of how to share water in a fair and sustainable way.  Organised by Regina Hügli and the One Body of Water Association, in cooperation with the Natural History Museum, the Volkskundemuseum and the University of Applied Arts. 

Tourists in the melt water of the Morteratsch Glacier

Witenwasseren glacier