The Waterbook. Floods, drought and glacier melt. Four Expeditions in the heart of Europe.
Mathias Plüss and Regina Hügli, Echtzeit, Basel, 2022.

As part of the SHARING WATER project, journalist Mathias Plüss and photographer Regina Hügli travelled to four water head regions of Central Europe located at the four triple points of the Continental waterdivide. Places from which water flows into three different seas. They are located on the Lunghin Pass (CH), on the Witenwasserenstock (CH), in the French town of Langres and on the Klapperstein in the Czech-Polish border region.

Plüss and Hügli climbed peaks, hiked through tunnels and, above all, talked to locals. In the process, they encountered water conflicts of various kinds. The result is twelve locally anchored reportages. They are representative of what is currently happening almost everywhere in the world.

The following video introduces their approach and some of the people and stories they have come across:

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