Rising up, Flowing down is an interdisciplinary art project focusing on circuits and circular flow. Exhibited May 2018 in the historic watertower of Vienna 1100, the presentation of installation art, sound art, and site-specific art connected to the tower‘s architecture and history. The exhibition was framed by lectures, performances, and concerts. 


The project was initiated by Regina Hügli as a follow-up project of RESERVOIR in 2016 and was curated by Anne Glassner and Regina Hügli.

Artistic contributions by:
Martin Chramosta (CH), Stefan Fraunberger (A), Thomas Grill (A), Barbara Anna Husar (A), Inbetween Collective (Anne Glassner, Laurie Sheridan (USA), Bartaku (BEL), Seila Fernandez Arconada (ESP)), Nicole Krenn (A), Svenja Plaas (CH), Sarah Rechberger (A), Jasmin Schaitl (A), Elisabeth Schafzahl (A), Daniel Spoerri (CH), Benjamin Tomasi (A), Vocal Naps (A), Nives Widauer (CH).

Talks by:
Prof. Ernst Zürcher, Berne, Spiral Growth of Trees and the Golden Ratio.
Dr. Brigitte Holzinger, Vienna, On Lucid Dreaming.

The title Rising up, Flowing down describes a cyclical, rhythmic movement between two poles like waves of water. Suggesting transformations between different states of matter, this theme may include the macro hydrological cycle of evaporation and rain around the globe, as well as the micro water circulation within organisms‘ bodies or even breath.
Another important aspect is the transition between consciousness and subconscious, sleep and waking states.

The project was funded by the Swiss Confederation, The Embassies of Spain and Belgium in Austria, the BKA Austria and the Tenth District of Vienna.

Watch the documentary video in German:

Was aufsteigt und niederfliesst from Regina Hügli on Vimeo.