Research and photographic observations on the river Traisen, Lower Austria
Regina Hügli 2023/24

What is the Traisen? What is created in the current interplay of interactions between flowing water, groundwater, landscape, weather, people, infrastructure, flora and fauna?

On the trail of the TRAISEN hyper-object, Regina Hügli’s research deals with the visibility and invisibility of what constitutes the Traisen and its active forces and how it is perceived, used and the spaces it creates are reshaped. The research is inspired by the concept of hydro-logic (Astrida Neimanis), which enables a new ontological understanding of bodies and community. TRAISEN SHE/HER is based on photographic observations along the river and conversations with people who live, work, use, remodel or research along the Traisen.

The approximately 80 km long river Traisen in Lower Austria, which rises in the Limestone Alps and flows into the Danube, is heavily regulated and intensively used, including feeding several work streams and operating numerous turbines. In recent years, it has undergone new interventions in sections in the form of the renaturation projects.

Work commissioned by the Art Parcours “The Way of the Water” of the Tangente St.Pölten, Austria.

Pasture and forest in the source region of Unrechttraisen and Tuernitzer Traisen

Aquaeduct of industrial stream of Unrechttraisen at Hofamt

Pebble and Algae of the river Traisen

Aluminium production at Neuman Aluminium Lilienfeld, AT.

Weir and hydroplant at the Traisen, Lilienfeld

Empty riverbed with infrastructure

water striders on rest water in an empty industrial stream

Abfischung des Mühlbachs der  Traisen bei der Mühlbachabkehr.

Remains of human interaction with the river Traisen

Visitors of the Frequency Festival Austria, bathing in the river Traisen

Sewage at the sewage treatment plant Traismauer, Austria.

Badesee Traismauer, connected to the river Traisen by groundwater.